College of Business
Corporate & Executive Education

Our Values

In the course of working with our clients, we aspire to the following work values, which help us act on and live our way into our core business principles.

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    We will be accountable for the greater good of our clients, and of the organizations they represent, without attempting to control those whom we serve.
  • We commit to understanding as much as possible about our clients, their business and personal challenges, and the customers and marketplaces they serve.
  • We will be worthy, innovative, responsive, and reliable in the service of our clients' needs.
  • We will be a service firm that is healthy, resourceful, accountable and fun to work with.
  • We will offer our clients services that build their capacity to learn, to develop and to achieve critical business and personal objectives. We will share our expertise in such a way that clients become self-sufficient.
  • We appreciate and care deeply about people, without creating dependency or indebtedness. While we acknowledge our intent to be a financially responsible business, we will serve clients for the sake of our mutual success, and not solely for the sake of our short-term gain.
  • We will promote the inherent worth of all members of the organizations we serve, and work with everyone in such a way that it evokes self-discovery, self-appreciation, and self-governance. We choose to treat organizational and group diversity as a resource that can promote unity, productivity and excellence.
  • We will conduct ourselves with unwavering integrity, honestly represent our capabilities and accomplishments, keep our promises, and be forthright and compassionately authentic with everyone we serve.