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How We Help Our Clients

At Butler Corporate and Executive Education, we believe that in today's business world and increasingly in the future, it's all about developing resilient leadership and strategic agility. We're intently focused on helping our clients do just that.

The current global upheaval has left no industry untouched and no function unencumbered. We are experiencing an unprecedented level of organizational change. Many have described this experience as "quite humbling and, at the same time, quite exciting." Resilient, agile enterprises are using the crisis to their advantage, questioning old assumptions and creating fresh new perspectives on their work. 

At BCEE, we believe that the experiential, application-driven, and outcome-focused learning we provide our clients contributes significantly to their resilience and adaptability. We work with our clients to ensure that all educational and consulting interventions are:

  • Synchronized with the organization's strategic imperatives to ensure real alignment
  • Organized for real results
  • Designed to affect real learning.

Graphic 3We do all this by creating deep partnerships with our clients. For us, client intimacy is more than a catchphrase; it is the way we do business. The depth we create in each client engagement allows us to deploy our results-oriented educational architecture, which is singularly focused on leveraging inquiry, knowledge generation and skill development, to positively impact business results.

Education can serve several purposes, reflected in the diagram below. These purposes range from (1) perspective building via the presentation of new concepts (Inquiry & Knowledge) to (2) skill development via application of acquired knowledge (Skill Building) to (3) behavioral change via use of acquired knowledge in different contexts (Application for Business Results).

Each of these purposes represents functions that historically have been isolated from each other. Inquiry and new knowledge has been the traditional university role; skill-building has been the corporate training and development role, and application/execution has been accomplished through on-the-job coaching and mentoring, traditionally the role of supervisors. In today's business environment, we contend that these activities cannot be isolated from one another if education is to have a significant impact.

We believe in strategic custom educational partnerships with a unique set of firms who have or desire broad institutional relationships with Butler University, Butler College of Business, and BCEE.