College of Liberal Arts and Sciences



September 2014

Manuscripts, our undergraduate literary magazine, announces staff:


Editor in Chief, Emily Yoo

Associate Editor, Emily Farrer

Publications Chair, Tamara Bodnar

Events Chair, Brooke Marshall

PR Chair, Anna Krukover

April 2014 

Senior Essay Contest Winners 

1st Place - Kelly Oden 

Honorable Mention - Katie Johnson 


Creative Writing Contest Winners 


1st Place - Ella Paul  "A Thing That Could Have Wings" 

2nd Place - Donald Bradley  "A Ballerina On A Bicycle" 

3rd Place - Bob Barrick  "Every Father Every Woman" 


1st Place - Madison Chartier  "Black Dog" 
2nd Place - Wojtek Czyz  "Dice"  
3rd Place - Sage Kosiorek  " We Youngins Never Die" 


Non Fiction

Winner - Olivia Wolfe "Pulsaciones"  


June 2013

Dr. Andrew Levy named English Department Chair


April 30, 2013 - Epilogue, an Evening with our Seniors


Senior Essay Contest Winners 

1st Place (tie):

Emelia Abbe, "An Examination of Ethics and Setting in Jane Austen's Mansfield Park".

Andrew Erlandson, "Twain and Tobacco, The Significance of Smoking in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn".

3rd Place:

Hannah Sutton, "Fantasy, Storytelling and the Articulation of Trauma in Gunter Grass's The Tin Drum and Jonathan Safran Foer's Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close".


 Creative Writing Contest Winners 2013:


1st Place: Craig Middleton, "Half a Pack of King Size, Additive Free, Whole Leaf Musings on Cigarettes"

2nd Place: Madison Chartier, "Chapter One, Run"

3rd Place: Justin Dice, "Prologue"


1st Place: Craig Middleton, "Smoking Cigarettes in Bed"

2nd Place: Eric Ellis, "Saccharine"

3rd Place: Tommy O'Rourke, "Percent Daily Value of Liquefied Petroleum Based on a 2,000 Calorie Diet"



April 6, 2013 - Spring Awards Day

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

We are thrilled to announce the recipients of the following prestigious awards:


The ALLEGRA STEWART AWARD, named for a distinguished Butler English Professor, was awarded to the outstanding English majors, Emelia Abbe and Andrew Erlandson.  

The CATHARINE MERRILL AWARD was given to Joanna Grabarek as the outstanding junior English major.

The MARGARET M. KUHN SCHOLARSHIP for distinction in the field of literature was given to Brendan Cavanagh, Ella Paul and Lauren Stark.

The JEAN T. WHITCRAFT SCHOLARSHIP was given to Jason McCalley, Chloe Richardson, Elizabeth Shick and Michelle Trainor, who have expressed interest in teaching high school English.

The JOHN NEWCOMB WRIGHT AWARD for excellence in the study of English was given to Katherine Sheridan and Hannah Sutton.

The JESSIE H. COCHRAN MEMORIAL AWARD for excellence in Creative Writing was given to Craig Middleton for Prose, and to Jason Simpson for Poetry.

The DONALD SANDSTROM SCHOLARSHIP is given to a student who shows promise as a writer and was given to Madison Chartier. 

The GRACE FARRELL AWARD is given annually to a student devoted to political engagement and social activism, and was awarded to Kathryn Burns.

April 2013

Congratulations to Chris Forhan on his promotion to Associate Professor and to Dan Barden for being promoted to Professor. 


December 2012

Our beloved professor and dear friend, Marshall Gregory, lost his battle with pancreatic cancer on December 30th, 2012. 

"My own personal ethic suggests to me that I have three jobs to accomplish in this world.  The first is to grow and develop, to attempt to make the most out of the gifts, talents, and opportunities that have been given to me.  My second job is to make some kind of positive contribution to the world: to do something to make the world more sensible or more peaceful or more civil or more intelligent, and more congenial to human flourishing.  It is not my job to do this in some grand way, by affecting the lives of thousands or by leading the masses-fat chance: the last American academic to do this may have been Woodrow Wilson-but merely by making my contribution as I can, when I can.

My third duty is to enjoy performing the first two duties: to derive joy from tending to my own growth and development and from making my own contribution to the world.  I cannot do any of my jobs properly if I am sour, bitter, grim, beleaguered, or persistently angry.  Joy is not just the icing on life's cake; it's the yeast that transforms the flour and other ingredients into cake in the first place."

From Marshall Gregory's new book:

Good Teaching and Educational Vision:_Not the Same Thing as Disciplinary Expertise


December 2012 - contest announcement for students

Kristi Schultz Broughton Liberal Arts Essay Contest, 2012 -2013

Primed to Serve, a Benefit of a Liberal Arts Education

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences invites you to participate in our annual liberal education essay contest during the academic year 2012-2013. The contest is open to all Butler University undergraduate students, and the student who writes the winning essay will win a $1000 prize. Past essay contest winners are not permitted to enter the contest.  The winning essay will be posted on the Liberal Arts and Sciences website and its author will be honored at Award Day on April 6, 2013.

The submitted essays will be judged by a committee of Butler University faculty drawn from various disciplines, and members of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Board of Visitors.  

August 2012

Dr. William Walsh took a large group of enthusiastic students on a Shakespeare trip to England during the summer of 2012. Students attended six live Shakespeare plays in Stratford on Avon and London, wrote critical reviews, and investigated the social and cultural context in which the plays were written. Details of the trip can be viewed at Dates for the 2013 trip are August 6th - 20th.

May 2012

The 2nd Annual English Department Awards Night, "EPILOGUE" was held on Tuesday, May 1st from 6:30-9:30pm at the Efroymson Center for Creative Writing.

Creative Writing Contest Winners 2012


1st Place: "Together" Brian Gross; 2nd Place: "Ritual for Remembrance" Lydia Johnson; 3rd Place (tie): "The Day the Tinker Toys Broke" Jennifer Redmond and "Thoughts on a Midwest Drive" Eric Ellis


1st Place:"February Stars" Billy Whitehouse; 2nd Place: "Tuesday Morning" Ally Denton; 3rd Place: "A Town, South of Pisek" Eric Ellis


1st Place: "The Rosetti Method" Emily Lazar; 2nd Place: "Pergamum Burning" Brian Gross; 3rd Place: "Shattering Mirrors" Ally Denton

Senior Essay Contest 

Winner:  Jennifer Redmond


Dr. Marshall Gregory will be directing a week long interdisciplinary seminar on teaching for faculty members at Taylor University.

April 2012

Winner of the Mortar Board Outstanding Faculty of the Year - Professor Bill Walsh

Congratulations to Michael Dahlie who has now joined the English Department on a tenure track.

Spring Awards Day - April 14, 2012

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Donald Sandstrom Scholarship for showing promise as a writer - Eric Ellis 

John Newcombe Wright Award for Excellence in the Study of English - Allison Denton and Mark Wilhelm

Jessie H. Cochran Memorial Award for Excellence in Creative Writing - Madeline Eckrich and Lydia Johnson

James T. Watt Award for the student who has made the largest contribution to the Butler Literary Community - Katie Arnt

The Grace Farrell Award for the student Devoted to Political Engagement and Social Activism - Kate Newman

Winner of the Annual Liberal Arts Education Essay Contest for 2011-2012 - Jennifer Redmond

The Allegra Stewart Award for Outstanding graduating English Majors  - Brian Gross and Mary Sekela

The Catharine Merrill Award for Outstanding junior English Major - Emily Kile

The Margaret M. Kuhn Scholarship for Distinction in the field of Literature - Emelia Abbe, Taylor Meador and Hannah Sutton

The Jean T. Whitcraft Scholarship for interest in teaching English - Melissa Rangel, Chloe Richardson, Elizabeth Shick and Michelle Trainor

March 2012

Professor Dan Barden's second novel, The Next Right Thing, was published by Dial Press.

February 2012

The Butler Writing in the Schools program won a Jefferson Award from Students in Action and the Shortridge community for "Outstanding Community Service in Recognition of Outstanding Leadership in Volunteerism."

Dr. Hilene Flanzbaum had two articles appear in journals in February 2012: a cultural studies piece "Traces of Trauma" in the Phi Kappa Phi Review; "Teaching the Holocaust Right Here Right Now" in Holocaust Studies' A Journal of Culture and History.

Dr. Brynnar Swenson's article "The Human Network: Social Media and the Limit of Politics" was published in February 2012 in the Baltic Journal of Law and Politics.

Dr. Ania Spyra's article "Between Theory and Reality: Cosmopolitanism of Nodal Cities in Pawel Huelle's Castorp" is forthcoming in Comparative Literature (Fall 2012).

Dr. Andrew Levy completed a book manuscript entitled Been There Before: On Mark Twain, Huck Finn, and Misremembering the American Past  (Simon and Schuster, 2013).

Michael Dahlie is the the PEN/Hemingway and Whiting Writers' Award winner for A Gentleman's Guide to Graceful Living. His second novel, The Best of Youth, will be published by W.W. Norton in 2013.


The Efroymson Center for Creative Writing opened its doors on December 2nd.  Located at 530 West Hampton Drive, purchased and beautifully remodeled with the $1 million donation from the Efroymson Family Fund, the Center is a site for graduate-level workshops and public readings.  It is also a living and work space for visiting writers, visiting students, faculty and alumni.  The Efroymson Family also sponsors the Efroymson Scholarships in Creative Writing.  This year, the scholarships were awarded to four M.F.A. who were from out-of-state and who showed tremendous promise as writers.

Professor Chris Forhan was the recipient of a 2011 $10,000 Creative Renewal Arts Fellowship from the Arts Council of Indianapolis to assist in his writing a memoir. 

Dr. Joseph Colavito presented "The Child Ain't Right: Fringe Films, Pulp Play, and the Figure of the Malevolent Child," at the Midwest Modern Language Association (October 2011). 

Professor Chris Forhan's poems "Petition," "The Severing," "Spat Out," and "While Reading The Lives of the Saints in a Lawn Chair" will appear in The Recorder: Journal of the American Irish Historical Society. His poem "The Church of the Backyard" was included in the most recent anthology edited by Garrison Keillor, Good Poems: American Places (Viking, 2011). Three of his poems can be found at

Dr. Jason Goldsmith published "John Clare and the Art of Politics" (2011) in John Clare Society.

Dr. Marshall Gregory finished a book manuscript on teaching called For the Love of Teaching: The Intellectual and Ethical Foundations of Teaching Excellence.

Susan Neville recently finished a short story and novella collection called The Green Room.

Dr. Carol Reeves published "Scientific Visuals, Language, and the Commercialization of a Scientific Idea: The Strange Case of the Prion" (2011) in Technical Communication Quarterly.

Dr. William Watts's article "Butler University v. John Doe: A New Challenge to Academic Freedom and Shared Governance" (2011) was published in Journal of Academic Freedom.

May 2011

Congratulations to our graduating seniors and the winners of our annual awards:

Senior Essay Winner - Britlynn Hasnen-Giroux

The John Newcomb Wright Award for excellence in the study of English - Ben Sippola and Matt Wright

The Jessie H. Cochran Memorial Award for excellence in creative writing - Spenser Isdahl and Mary Sekela

The Donald Sandstrom Scholarship for a promising young writer - Lydia Johnson


1st Prize - Joanna Parypinski, "This Is Not a Love Poem"

2nd Prize - Mark Wilhelm, "Undifferentiated"

3rd Prize - Eric Ellis, "Digging"


1st Prize - Mark Wilhelm, "Noose Therapy"

2nd Prize - Farhad Anwarzai, "Maple Street"

3rd Prize - Ros Lederman, "Coronation"


1st Prize - Joanna Parypinski, "Valentine's Card"


1st Prize - Katie Arnt, "Thirteen Ways of Looking at an Airplane"

Apr 2011

English Major Ben Sippola has won the 5th Annual Kristi Schultz Broughton Liberal Arts Essay Contest. You can read his essay "Metaphors of the Market Economy and the Learning Community" here.

March 2011

Congratulations to Dr. Goldsmith, who has been promoted to Associate Professor with tenure.

January 2011

Dr. Goldsmith's exhibition, Here & There, was named Weekend's Best in the Indianapolis Star. His nature-inspired paintings and photographs will be on display from January 11 - March 11 at the Holliday Park Nature Center. If you are in town, swing by the opening reception on Sunday, January 23rd from 2:00 p.m. - 4:oo p.m.

Dr. Chris Forhan's Black Leapt In (Barrow Street, 2009) was named a 2010 Best Book of Indiana by the Indiana Center for the Book. You can also find some of his newest poems in recent issues of The Georgia Review, PloughsharesPleiadesThe Laurel Review, and West Branch Wired.

Dr. Gregory has just published "How Teachers Need to Deal With the Seen, the Unseen, the Improbable, and the Nearly Imponderable" in Liberal Education. He also has a piece on Redefining Ethical Criticism: The Old vs. the New" forthcoming in the Fall 2011 issue of The Journal of Literary Theory.

Dr. Garver's "Neither Progressive nor Reactionary: Reassessing the Cultural Politics of The New Age" has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Modern Periodical Studies.  He has also published reviews of the edited collection Broadcasting Modernism (in English Literature in Transition, 1880-1920 54.2) and of Adrian Bingham's Family Newspapers?: Sex, Private Life, and the British Popular Press, 1918-1978 (forthcoming in the Journal of Modern Periodical Studies).

Technical Communication Quarterly will publish Dr. Reeve's "Visual Promotion of a Scientific Ideal: The Strange Case of the Prion."

Drs. Flanzbaum and Goldsmith recently returned from Los Angeles, where they delivered talks at the Modern Language Association's annual convention. Dr. Flanzbaum presented a paper entitled "Defending The Reader: Why We Should Continue to Teach it." Dr. Goldsmith spoke on "John Clare's 'Don Juan' and the Art of Politics."

Dr. Flanzbaum's "The Holocaust as Bestseller" appeared in Sonderdruck aus The Holocaust, Art, and Taboo: Transatlantic Exchanges on the Ethics and Aesthetics of Representation, Winter 2010.

Dr. Goldsmith has just published "The Metamorphosis; Or a Phenomenology of Teaching" in Arts and Humanities in Higher Education Volume 9 Issue 3, October 2010. The current issue can be found at

Congratulations to Bryan Furuness, associate editor for Booth, whose "Man of Steel" was selected for Best American Non-required Reading 2010.