College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Upper-Division Courses

EN301                  Topics in Advanced Composition

EN303                  Studies in Professional Writing

EN310                  Intermediate Creative Writing Workshop

EN319                  History of the English Language

EN321/322           Comparative Literature I/II

EN341/441           Topics in 19th Century American Culture

EN362                  Renaissance Literature

EN363/463           Shakespeare

EN366/466           Romanticism

EN367                  Victorian Literature

EN368/468           20th Century British Literature

EN370                  Literature and Public Problems

EN381/481           Studies in Major Authors

EN382/482           Studies in Poetry

EN383/483           Studies in Fiction

EN384/484           Studies in Drama

EN385/485           Studies in Literary Criticism

EN386/486           Studies in Rhetoric

EN387/487           Studies in Literary Theory

EN390                  Research Seminar

EN393/493           Special Topics in Literature

EN394/494           Special Topics in Film

EN395/396           Internship

EN403                  Senior Seminar and Internship in Professional Writing

EN410                  Senior Creative Writing Seminar

EN421/EN422      Comparative Literature I and II Surveys

EN450                  The Senior Essay

EN455S                Writing in Schools

EN495/496           Independent Study

EN499                  Honors Thesis


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