College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Additional Upper-Division Courses

EN301 Topics in Advanced Composition
EN310 Intermediate Creative Writing Workshop


History of the English Language
EN341/441 Topics in Nineteenth Century A
EN342/442 Modern American Literature
EN361/461 Medieval Literature
EN362/462 Renaissance Literature
EN363/463 Shakespeare
EN364/464 Seventeenth-Century British Literature
EN365/465 Eighteenth-Century British Literature
EN366/466 Romanticism
EN367/467 Victorian Literature
EN368/468 Twentieth-Century British Literature
EN381/481 Studies in Major Authors
EN382/482 Studies in Poetry
EN383/483 Studies in Fiction
EN384/484 Studies in Drama
EN385/485 Studies in Literary Criticism
EN386/486 Studies in Rhetoric
EN392/492 Special Topics
EN393/493 Special Topics in Literature
EN395/396 Internship
EN410 Senior Creative Writing Seminar


Independent Study


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