College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

EN 395 First Year Fellows Internship (3 credit hours)


The First Year Fellows internship provides students with experience in mentoring and teaching first-year students, including the one-to-one teaching of writing and speaking.


Internship Requirements:

  1. Attendance at all FYS class meetings or events
  2. Preparation of all assigned material
  3. Meeting with course instructor and internship faculty supervisor on request
  4. Fulfillment of all attendant course support as determined by course instructor
  5. Evaluation of FYS Fellows internship at the conclusion of the term

 Internship Fulfillment:

  1. Modeling discussion and writing skills
  2. Leading class or small group discussion sessions
  3. Engaging in the peer editing process
  4. Responding to students' formal and informal writing (graduate student fellows may have the option of grading)
  5. Meeting with individual students/groups of students over course material, writing assignments, presentation preparation
  6. Conducting virtual discussion groups using Blackboard or Chalk & Wire
  7. Composing discussion questions, writing assignments, etc.
  8. Composing or contributing to the Moodle or Chalk & Wire sites
  9. Preparing and leading a classroom session
  10. Reviewing literature/scholarship in designated areas with selected postings/discussion

 General Information:

  • All course fulfillment opportunities are at the discretion of the instructor.
  • Anticipated weekly hours including class times, preparation, student consultations: 6-7 hours.
  • First Year Fellows may schedule student meetings in the Writers' Studio or Irwin Library.
  • The First Year Fellows' faculty supervisor will grade students at the conclusion of the course in consultation with FYS instructor.
  • The First Year Fellows' faculty supervisor will provide pedagogical readings and discussion to assist the Fellows in successfully completing their internships.

For information:

Angela Hofstetter, English Department, JH316A or (317) 940-9285