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Fall 2012 EDDP Updates

Who Has Big Class?

You may have read that Butler's incoming class this year is its biggest ever! The EDDP is welcoming 52 new students this fall- our largest class ever! They join an already outstanding group of EDDP students and take our total to more than 150 students in the Program.

2012 EDDP Freshman

Our record setting class comes in with outstanding credentials and we have high expectations for their success. During this exciting time of growth, we continue to look at ways we can better serve our students and continuously improve the EDDP. One way is to keep our alumni connected with the Program. We have exciting opportunities for all our alumni; no matter your age, geographical location, job status, etc. Perhaps your company has employment opportunities. Maybe you would like to speak to current students at a club meeting. Another engagement opportunity is joining the new EDDP Advisory Board. How would you like to be connected? Please fill out the EDDP Interest Form and we will be in touch.


2012 EDDP freshman pose for a

picture during Welcome Week 


We are 100 Alumni Strong!

As of May 12, 2012 there are more than 100 alumni in the Engineering Dual Degree

Program! As you know, the Program was founded in 1999, the result of a partnership between two well-established programs: one at Butler University and the second at the Purdue School of Engineering and Technology at Indianapolis. We are excited to cross the 100 alumni threshold and with that success comes opportunity:

Networking between alumni and students. Remember when you were an undergraduate? Talking to an EDDP graduate who is working in the "real" world may be just what a student needs to keep motivated.

Share your successes. Tell us how your career has progressed. Share your successes and road blocks so we can better prepare the next class of EDDP graduates. Complete the Alumni Spotlight form and send it back to us.

Ryan Lang '09

Our 117 alumni are located all over the work and work with some of the finest companies. A few employers who have hired Butler University EDDP graduates include: Google, Shell, Exxon-Mobil, Rolls Royce, Chevron, Cummins, Eli Lilly and Johns Hopkins. EDDP alumni reside in Indiana, Illinois, Texas, California, throughout the East Coast, Russia and the United Arab Emirates.

Would you like to be actively involved and give back to the EDDP? Complete the EDDP Interest Form to let us know how!

 Ryan Lang '09, mechanical  engineering and

economics,  at Moscow's St. Basil's Cathedral


Announcing New Engineering Degrees

In January the EDDP officially added two new engineering programs: Motorsports Engineering and Energy Engineering. These degrees join our four existing majors: Biomedical, Computer, Electrical, and Mechanical Engineering.

"These degrees are extremely popular right now and adding them to our existing EDDP curriculum gives us the opportunity to diversify our program and serve a need within the engineering market," Jessica R. McCormick, academic program coordinator, Engineering Dual Degree Program.

Energy Engineering at IUPUI is an interdisciplinary engineering degree housed in the Mechanical Engineering Department. This unique Purdue University degree is only offered through the IUPUI campus. Students will have the opportunity to take courses concentrating on critical energy issues such as green building, hybrid and electric transportation, fuel cells and bio fuels and energy systems such as wind, solar and nuclear. Whether entering the workforce directly or continuing on to further education, graduates of this program will leave equipped to tackle the exciting and meaningful challenges ahead on the energy horizon.

The Bachelor of Science degree in Motorsports Engineering is the only one of its kind in the nation. The program prepares graduates for careers in the motorsports industry, as well as automotive-related companies, focuses on teaching fundamentals of engineering and will include hands-on projects that involve designing, analyzing and building of actual systems.


EDDP @ Butler Homecoming

Join the Engineering Dual Degree Program as we welcome the graduating Classes of 2004-2012 back to Butler for Homecoming 2012. There are events specific to the EDDP on Friday and Saturday, October 19 & 20.

On Friday, October 19, join your fellow EDDP alumni and current EDDP students for our second Annual Networking Dinner with Yats catering! Saturday, October 22 is the big game against Morehead State and the EDDP will be celebrating on Bulldog Boulevard in the Hinkle parking lot.

Register for the Networking Dinner for only $15. All proceeds benefit the Engineering Club!

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