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What is Computer Engineering?

Computer Engineering is the fastest growing branch of engineering. It "lives" at the interface where software meets hardware. Computer Engineering is thus based on an understanding of both hardware and software design. The program offers students an in depth knowledge of computer architecture, networking, system programming, embedded system and software development. This program is designed to expose students to state-of-the-art topics in computer engineering while providing them with a comprehensive understanding of the theory underlying computer systems, their design and use in various applications. Computer engineering graduates of the program can work in several industry sectors in Indiana and the U.S. including most P.C., mobile, and embedded technology based industries such Intel, Motorola and Xilinx. Locally, computer engineering graduates can pursue exciting careers at EDS, Thomson Electronics, Cummins Engines and various other companies.

Why the Engineering Dual Degree Program at Butler?


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Engineering Dual Degree Program

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Academic Coordinator: Jessica McCormick