Student Disability Services

Robertson Hall / Eidson-Duckwall Recital Hall / Ford Salon

Robertson Floor Plan

1. Accessible Parking: Requires a license plate or temporary tag.

2. Curb Cuts

3. Accessible Entrances
    3a. Ramp and automatic door openers at the main entrance of the building.
    3b. Ramp and automatic door openers at the northeast entrance of the building into the Edison-Duckwall
           Recital Hall and the Ford Salon.

4. Elevators
    4a. Elevator accessing all main levels.
    4b. Elevator accessing the first and lower levels.

5. Accessible Restrooms

6. Edison-Duckwall Recital Hall

7. Johnson Board Room

8. Ford Salon, located on the lower level beneath the Edison-Duckwall Recital Hall.

Note:  Assistive listening devices available for Edison-Duckwall Recital Hall upon request.