Student Disability Services

Atherton Union

Atherton Floor Plan

1.  Accessible Parking: Requires a license plate or temporary tag

2.  Curb Cuts

3.  Accessible Entrances
     3a. Ramp and automatic door openers into south entrance of Atherton. 
     3b. Automatic door openers into Starbucks and University Bookstore (north side of Atherton).

4.  Elevators
     4a. Elevator providing access to all levels on the south side of the building. 
     4b. Elevator within the bookstore providing access to the lower textbook division as well as to the 
            C-Club on the first floor.  PLEASE RING BELL OR ASK FOR ASSISTANCE.

5.  Accessible Restrooms

6.  Starbucks

7.  University Bookstore

8.  Reilly Room