Student Disability Services

Campus-wide Policy for Interpreter Requests

Butler University is committed to providing excellent and timely interpreter services. Student Disability Services (SDS) is the department on campus that facilitates interpreter services for students who are enrolled in academic coursework at the University.

Interpreter services for enrolled students are provided by the University and facilitated by SDS for some, but not all, types of co-curricular activities. Students are advised that requests for interpreter services for co-curricular activities generally require a discussion with SDS so that they can be individually determined on a case-by-case basis. For ticket sales events, such as those in Hinkle Fieldhouse, Clowes Memorial Hall, or other campus venues, interpreter requests should be placed directly with the venue or department hosting the event. This is applicable to both Butler students and non-students. The venue or department or venue hosting the event will be responsible for facilitating and funding interpreter services.

The University does not provide interpreters for circumstances or events that are of a personal nature.

Student-athletes who wish to request interpreter services for athletics activities should submit their interpreter requests to SDS using the on-line Request for Interpreter form. SDS will forward the request directly to the appropriate athletics department which will then take responsibility for handling and funding interpreter requests. SDS is available for consultation as needed.

In every case, it is the student's responsibility to initiate requests for interpreter services; at least two weeks advance notice is needed so that arrangements can be made. Although attempts will be made to honor requests made on short notice, requests which do not allow two weeks advance notice increase the possibility that interpreter services will be unavailable.

For further information, please contact the Office of Student Disability Services in Jordan Hall 136, by phone at (317) 940-9308, or by email at