Student Disability Services

Special Dietary Needs

The following is a description of the approach Dining Services has developed to help accommodate those individuals with food allergies, intolerances and special dietary preferences.

Dining Services at Atherton Market Place and ResCo will, whenever possible, prepare foods from the standard menu with all allergy, dietary preference and intolerance needs in mind. For instance, items that would normally be sauced will have the sauces placed on the side; items that would normally be prepared with butter will be prepared with olive oil; items that would normally be thickened with a roux will be thickened using cornstarch instead of wheat flour. This will be done at breakfast, lunch and dinner, seven days a week. All items on the serving line will be labeled with a simple logo that quickly informs students whether an item is gluten free, dairy free, vegan, or vegetarian. Dining Services staff members are trained to expect students with food allergies to ask for a specially prepared meal. Dining Services will stock gluten free items which can be easily prepared by request if a student is unable to find something from the daily menu offerings. A student who wishes to eat one of these will then approach the "Comfort" serving line and ask that a "gluten-free meal" be plated up for them. This food will be kept away from other foods and separate utensils will be used for serving these items. Each meal will be gluten free and prepared specifically with that in mind.

To prevent cross contamination: A separate gluten free area is established at both dining halls for self-serve items such as cereals, breads, peanut butter, cream cheese and jams. A separate toaster is available for use for gluten free products. The deli will keep separate meats and cheeses in the refrigerator below their work area available upon request. The deli workers will be trained to change their gloves and use separate utensils when handling these items. Exhibition stations such as the Mongolian Grill will have separate pans and utensils available to prepare requested items in a way that prevents cross-contamination with meats, soy, gluten, etc. Students should feel free to request a meal be prepared in a way that suits their particular dietary need, and our employees are trained to expect the students to do so.

Dining Services is working hard to continually change and adapt our processes to accommodate the presenting dietary needs of the Butler University student body. The management team invites student participation in this and all of our programs. Feedback should be directed to Executive Chef Nathaniel Malone at We will invite students to periodic meetings throughout the year to solicit feedback regarding menu items and other pertinent concerns.

On rare occasions it will be impossible for special dietary needs to be met satisfactorily. Students who cannot be accommodated after working with Dining Services staff may request an exemption from the meal plan requirement by providing a written request and medical documentation to Sally Click, Dean of Student Services in Atherton 200 or