Student Disability Services

Video Captioning

Captioning is a process that makes video content accessible to all people whether they are deaf, hard of hearing, English language learners, or otherwise. When you consider that these groups represent a large proportion of the global population, disregarding captions in your video content is simply not a reasonable option.


There are a number of viable and very simple options to caption your videos on campus here at Butler University.  The most prevalent is uploading to YouTube while providing a simple transcription of the audio.  (To see YouTube's information on adding captions and subtitles to your video, please visit the YouTube "About" page.) YouTube's technology has made this very simple, intuitive, and when using some of the transcription tools already available on campus for demonstration, it is nearly effortless. Many departments have already jumped on board including the Butler Beat in the College of Communications, Student Affairs, and Information Technology, and we look forward to working with more in the future.

From YouTube to more traditional methods of captioning, SDS can help you make the right decision for your video content in terms of making it accessible to more people and ultimately increasing your potential viewership. If you create and/or redistribute any type of video content at Butler University, please contact Rob Hartman (, Assistive Technologist for Student Disability Services, for further information.