College of Communication
Media, Rhetoric, & Culture

Meet Kate Siegfried, a senior majoring in Media, Rhetoric and Culture, with a second major in Gender, Women's and Sexuality Studies. During her three and a half years at Butler, Kate Siegfried has been an active scholar and activist. She joined MRC after taking the course on Film, Culture and Criticism during her first year. As she puts it, MRC classes enabled her to "reimagine our social world." In 2012, Kate Siegfried received funding to pursue her independent research with MRC faculty member Kristen Hoerl through the competitive Butler Summer Institute program. That research developed into an article-length manuscript entitled ""Postfeminism, Media Framing, & Manifestos: A Rhetorical Analysis of the Riot Grrrl Movement." This spring, she presented this research to graduate students and professors at the 2014 Western States Communication conference in Anaheim, California.

Kate was also the media coordinator for the defense team of Bei Bei Shuai, a local Indianapolis resident and Chinese immigrant charged with murder and feticide after attempting suicide while pregnant. Kate launched a national non-profit media campaign to rally support and funds for Bei Bei until the charges against Shuai were dropped in August 2013. In the fall, Kate will begin graduate studies in rhetoric. In her words, her experiences at Butler have given her an understanding "of how theoretical inquiry can be applied to tangible social transformation." She is particularly fond of a quote from prison abolitionist and scholar Dr. Erica Meiners, who spoke with Kate when Meiners visited campus in February 2013, "You dismantle with one hand, while building with the other."