College of Communication
Media, Rhetoric, & Culture

Media, Rhetoric and Culture students learn the critical tools and practical skills necessary for effective communication in an ever-changing mediated society. We prepare students to address and respond to significant social issues of our time by analyzing public and popular communication and constructing arguments. Students become informed critics of the messages that shape their lives, navigate their social and professional lives in a mass mediated society, and make positive change in the world.

Critical Thinking and Analysis: MRC students engage in higher order thinking, reasoning, and problem-solving. Courses explore how language and symbols influence social attitudes, politics and everyday life (culture). Students explain how communities develop shared understanding through in-depth analysis of messages within film, television, news coverage, popular music, political speeches, advertising, and social media. Our courses highlight how these messages have meaning within particular social and historical contexts. Through these practices of analysis and evaluation, students learn how media and public communication are integral to processes of social stability and change.

Oral and Written Communication: MRC students develop their persuasive and analytical skills through extended written and oral communication assignments. Our courses teach students to tailor messages to various audiences for multiple purposes and in a variety of formats. Through their writing and speaking, students learn to convey their knowledge and insights to respond to a variety of situations beyond the classroom.

Understanding Diversity: Social justice is at the heart of Media, Rhetoric and Culture. MRC students consider the ways in which power and identity affect and are influenced by communication. Our courses highlight how categories of identity such as those based on class, race, gender, sexuality, religion, and nationality are created through language and media. They also explore how advocates use communication for social change both in the United States and internationally.

Media Rhetoric and Culture prepares students for innovative careers as analysts, critics, and advocates. In our contemporary landscape, college graduates need to be able to convey critical insights to a variety of audiences in order to adapt to and influence industry, government, and community. Our graduates are positioned to INVENT the jobs of the future.

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