Welcome! Are you thinking of studying Media, Rhetoric and Culture but aren't sure what it is about? Signs that MRC might be the right major for you:

  • You think about films, television programs, and/or songs for hours, analyzing what it means and why others like it. (Sometimes your friends tell you that "read too much into things".)
  • You want to make some sort of change in your community and wonder how to get others involved. • You like to blog or tweet about popular culture.
  • You like to scrutinize the arguments of politicians and public officials.
  • You think that broadcast news programs seem to be missing the critical issues that affect you.
  • You wonder why your leaders and your media don't look more like your community.
  • You want to understand what kind of impact social media is having on society.

Our students are:

  • Active bloggers and social media producers.
  • Prolific writers and media consumers.
  • Involved in their community.
  • Interns at successful companies and community organizations.

Our students can expect:

  • One-on-one faculty-student involvement in research and the community.
  • Rigor and intellectual engagement (in and outside of the classroom).
  • A humanities-based program with nationally and internationally recognized scholars.

Check out this website and visit our department blog. To communicate with us directly, please email the department chair, Associate Professor Kristin Swenson at kswenson@butler.edu.


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Media, Rhetoric & Culture

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Chair: Dr. Ann Savage
Assistant: Melissa Friedman