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There is only one thing College of Communication Professor Kenneth Creech would like Butler students to learn - never stop learning. "That's the key to being successful in the world of electronic media, and our whole curriculum is built around giving students the hands-on type of experience and equipment they need to continue lifelong learning, and appreciate the fact that this industry is constantly evolving,"

Dr. Creech practices what he preaches because his own career in the world of electronic media bespeaks his commitment to learning and changing. He graduated with a degree in history from the University of Cincinnati. His desire to grow and change led him to pursue post-graduate study at Wayne State University in Detroit. There he studied media law and policy as a mass communication major and earned the Ph.D, While in Detroit, he worked in radio news and became an expert in communications law and policy.

He went on to manage KUCA-FM at the University of Central Arkansas and also worked in commercial radio news and sports. In 1979 he moved to the University of Southern Indiana where he founded university radio station WSWI and chaired the communications department, comprised of radio, television, journalism, public relations, theatre and speech.

His desire to learn and grow continued when he came to Butler in 1989. As the industry changed, so did the department. Dr. Creech oversaw the move from Butler's radio station, WAJC, to its television station, WTBU, and from Telecommunication Arts to Media Arts. Now the Digital Media & Recording Studies Program in the College of Communication encompasses the whole gamut of media arts: broadcast, Web design, multimedia production, video and audio, audio recording, law and regulation. "This program offers one of the most realistic views of what is going on in the world of electronic media, and our students get the opportunity to refine their creative talents, acquire the skills they need to succeed and prepare themselves for lifelong learning," he says. "I guess the biggest challenge and exhilaration is keeping up with it all."

Dr Creech has written numerous articles on media law and policy and is the author of Electronic Media Law and Regulation, published by Focal Press, now in its fourth edition.

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