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After a decade of work, many professionals find themselves just beginning to reach their career goals. For professor Christine Buck Taylor, she found herself at the pinnacle of one career and ready to move onto the next. Taylor climbed the ranks from an entry-level assistant to senior production staff at CNN in a short six years, providing her with the opportunity to begin a second career as a professor, one that she finds equally satisfying and challenging.

Taylor joined CNN in 1983, two and a half years after the network was founded, as a video journalist. By 1989, she was directing live productions and supervising the pre-production control room for all the weekend shows. In 1988 she worked at both the Republican and Democratic National Conventions. "When I started there, it was still politely referred to as the "Chicken Noodle Network," she says. "It was an exceptional experience with an exceptional group of people. They were mostly young and very bright."

Taylor found herself at a crossroads once she had reached senior production staff. She could continue what she was currently doing, enter the realm of management or explore a new opportunity. In the end, she chose to pursue a career in academia. "I'm the kind of person that likes to continue to learn and progress," she says. "As a professor you don't go to work and do the same thing over and over. As the field progresses and grows, you have to continue to develop and stay on top of the changes in the field."

Butler seemed like a good fit for Taylor. "I was able to direct the destiny of the T.V. side of the program, which was important to me," she says. "At that time we were primarily a radio based program, which gave me the opportunity to come in at the ground floor and to improve it immediately."

Taylor continues to enjoy working with the College of Communication. "There is nothing in this industry that is not team-based," she says. "We all work together as a team, and it is important to the overall education of a student to have that kind of teamwork.

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