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Becky Morrow

Morrow Profile

Becky Morrow came to Butler because the University offered "everything she wanted." She enjoys the "small school in a big city" feeling, along with the variety of activities offered to Butler students. However, it is the relationships with her professors and opportunities to do professional work within the department that have caused Becky to be most happy with her decision.

Butler's Creative Media & Entertainment Program requires an interview before acceptance into the program, allowing Becky to get an inside look at Butler faculty, students and equipment. "The faculty members were so laid back and easy to talk to, it made me want to work with them. Plus, the equipment was better than what I had seen at the larger schools I visited throughout the state."

Experiential learning is another feature of the program that interested Becky. "Our program is really unique because we have optional labs outside of our classroom time where we can create programs that will actually air on television." Students are encouraged to generate projects, even during their first year in the program. "Professors like us to start producing as soon as we can, so we have lots of years of experience by the time we graduate."

The characteristics that sparked Becky's interest in the Creative Media & Entertainment Program during her interview are the same ones that make her glad to be there today. "I have a personal relationship with everyone in the department. My professors aren't just teachers to me; they are more like friends. Their interest in me and the experiences I have gained make me glad I chose Butler."

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Dustin Stover

Stover Profile

Within weeks of his arrival at Butler University, Dustin Stover found himself working on live broadcasts. "I'll never forget it," he says. "The director said 'cue talent' and the little lights went to red. We were on the air!"

As an Indianapolis resident, Dustin didn't limit himself to a local university. As he explored his options, it was the updated facilities that drove him to choose Butler. "When I came here and saw the new building and met the professors, I knew right away that it was the place for me," he says. Dustin chose the Electronic Journalism track, which focuses on production and on-camera experience.

Although he didn't have prior experience with production, Dustin wasted little time before working on specific programs. "Right away they gave me a camera and told me to go shoot," he says. As he developed his technical skills, he continued to take every hands-on opportunity that he could find "If you show effort, the faculty and staff are very willing to provide more work and more opportunities," he says.

As a student assistant for John Servizzi, Dustin worked on projects for a variety of campus and community clients ranging from local athletic organizations to charities. "I've done work for the Horizon League and a variety of other clients around the city," he says. "We'll take the equipment and relay the sets and then put together pieces from commercials to stories. Anything you can think of, I've had the opportunity to do here at Fairbanks."

As a student, Dustin has enjoyed the close-knit environment found within the department. "Everyone here is both a professor and a friend," he says. "My experience has been amazing."

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Danielle Williams

Williams Profile

As the daughter of an accounting specialist for the U.S. Air Force, Danielle Williams was born in Germany and attended eight different schools from Maine to California to Texas and Ohio before graduating from high school. But when it was time to choose a university, the choice was simple. "I didn't choose Butler - Butler chose me," she says. "My parents both went to Purdue, but when I got stuff in the mail from Butler and came for a campus visit I fell in love. This was the only place I applied and the only place I was going to attend."

That determination is evident in the goals Danielle set for herself as she completes her senior year while interning at WISH-TV, the Indianapolis CBS affiliate. Through this she has covered many sports - football, hockey, racing, baseball, but it is basketball that captured her attention and cemented her lifelong goals. She plans to do play-by-play reports for a basketball team in the West with the long-term goal of becoming the first female coach in the NBA. "I will not take 'No' for an answer."

Her love of basketball began in Lubbock, Texas when, as an eighth-grader, Danielle began watching the games and listening to the commentary. "I've watched every season since then and I l ove the excitement, watching the players grow and mature and following the teams," she says.

In the meantime, she appreciates the skills she acquired at Butler as she prepares to hone her skills in media arts and broadcast sports. "Butler's greatest strengths are that the Creative Media & Entertainment Program is very hands-on, the professionalism of our teachers, that they care about our success and the opportunity to work with Butler's Athletic Department. I've learned so much."

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