College of Communication
Creative Media & Entertainment Studies

Bachelor of Arts: Recording Industry Studies

Students with a passion for music and audio transform their talents and dreams into marketable skills in the Recording Industry Studies program. We provide creative preparation, specialized skills, access to our world-class studios, and professional-level experience. Students learn equal parts craft and creativity, theory and technique.

And that is only the beginning. Students learn all facets of the recording industry including media law, publishing, promotion and everything else behind the curtain. They learn to produce music, audio and sound design for all media, including film, television, and Internet deliverables. Through the study and execution of all the applications for music in modern media, students can find the career most compatible with their talents and interests. Our rich curriculum prepares students for careers beyond those available with technical training alone. They graduate prepared to be tomorrow's leaders in an ever-evolving field.

Our philosophy of broad and extensive study does not end in the classroom. Students are engaged in recording projects, as groups and as individuals, with all styles of music, learning to engineer, produce and manage a variety of projects. 

Recording Industry Studies major general course of study

Recording Industry Studies minor general course of study