College of Communication
Creative Media & Entertainment Studies

About the Fairbanks Center

The Fairbanks Center for Communication and Technology was designed to be a facility where creativity and technology could blend seamlessly, in an environment conducive to original thinking and innovation.

Classrooms at Fairbanks are equipped with rich media computer workstations. During class, students get hands-on experience and training on the powerful media creation software applications that drive today's communications, entertainment and Internet industries.

The Fairbanks Center houses two full-size, multi-purpose studios with lighting grids for video, television and music production. Our professional control room and edit bays provide students the opportunity to learn on the same gear and software packages they will work with in the field.

Our three music and audio production studios feature industry standard 24-track Pro Tools HD recording, with analog consoles from Trident and Audient, and digital controllers from Digidesign. A full complement of outboard gear, both vintage and new, gives students the capability of producing professional class recordings.

Students develop their skills in multi-track audio production, sound design, audio for video, and mastering in studios with full midi functionality, a professional array of synthesizers and plug-ins, and 5.1 surround mixing capability. We also have many private video and audio studios for individual study and project work.

We understand that a comprehensive education in the disciplines behind modern media requires up-to-date equipment and technology. We are dedicated to providing our students with creative and production experience that is relevant to the professions, on the gear they will find in professional studios. Most importantly, our students have open access to our studios, for class and individual projects, which is a critical component to the process of learning, experimenting and developing their individual skills and styles.

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