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Master's Internship/Doctoral Practicum

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Butler University Counseling and Consultation Services has six 20 -25 hours/week internship positions available for the 2015-16 academic year. These unpaid internships are available to students completing their master's degree in Clinical or Counseling Psychology or doctoral students in need of practicum. A typical week includes 10-15 hours of individual therapy, 2 hours of individual supervision, 1-2 hours of intakes, 1.5 hours of case staffing, 2 hours of outreach and 1.5 hours of group supervision. Additional staff development/training opportunities are available to trainees during the year.

In addition to individual clients, trainees may see couples or process observe psychotherapy groups, depending on the need for such services. Butler's counseling services are available to any matriculating Butler student. Clients present with a variety of issues, the most common being relationship problems with family or significant others, depression, anxiety, eating/body image issues, substance abuse, trauma recovery, and stress management.

Schedules are flexible with the exception of Fridays, which are required 8a-5p for case staffing and group supervision. The center is open 8-6 Monday through Wednesday and 8-5 Thursday and Friday and we attempt to coordinate schedules to cover all hours that the center is open. Trainees are on site 3 days per week.   In addition to the clinical work, outreach is an important aspect of the training program and all trainees are assigned to an
outreach team each semester.  Outreach team meetings occur at the end of the work day one evening per week which means working until 7pm one night per week and participating in outreach programs as scheduled.

Butler University Counseling and Consultation Services promotes a supportive, collegial atmosphere committed to training. In addition to our master's interns and doctoral practicum trainees, the clinical staff is comprised of three licensed psychologists, one post-doctoral resident, and three doctoral interns who are engaged in the center's APA-accredited doctoral internship program. The center staff and trainees participate in two yearly retreats and may attend conferences and/or staff development activities as a group. In addition, each intern has an office equipped with digital video equipment, a computer, a Butler email account, and access to university resources such as the library and computer labs.

Finally, the internship and practicum embrace the awareness and use of self perspective as part of our training model. We value personal exploration and expect trainees to examine the qualities and dynamics they bring to interactions with clients, peers, and other work-related relationships. We believe such discussions, as they relate to trainees' activities throughout the year, can be quite useful when trying to understand transference and countertransference issues and in facilitating professional growth. This may call for trainees to reflect on and discuss personal reactions that might influence their clinical practice. Such disclosure frequently occurs within a supervisory relationship characterized by safety, trust, and respect. Supervision is not viewed as psychotherapy, and the focus of personal exploration is meant to enhance trainees' growth and effectiveness as clinicians rather than serve as a form of psychotherapy.


Interested students are welcome to submit the following materials by February 20, 2015 to be considered for an interview. Interviews are scheduled to take place March 9-12, 2015.

A letter of interest that addresses the following four prompts:

1. Who are you? What is your background, interests, hobbies, etc?

2. How did you become interested in pursuing graduate work in psychology? What are your career goals?

3. What interests you about completing an internship/practicum at a university counseling center? Is there something specific about Butler that appeals to you?

4. What experiences have you had (paid/unpaid or formal/informal) that have helped prepare you for working in the counseling profession? 

 A current vita

Two completed recommendation forms

Your graduate transcripts (copy accepted)



Note: Trainees who complete their practicum at CCS will not be considered for the Doctoral Internship Program if they apply in subsequent years. 


Please send your materials or direct questions to:

Shana Markle, Ph.D., HSPP
Associate Director
Butler University Counseling and Consultation Services
530 W. 49th Street
Indianapolis, Indiana 46208

Phone: (317) 940-9385