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Overview of the Butler University Consortium Doctoral Internship in Health Service Psychology



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Doctoral Internship in Health Service Psychology

APA-Accredited Consortium Training Program Training Year:
July 13, 2015 - July 15, 2016

Butler University Counseling and Consultation Services, Aspire Indiana, and IU Health Charis Center for Eating Disorders have developed a unique consortium doctoral internship program in psychology that provides a core of supervised training experiences in a university counseling center as well as either a community mental health center track or comprehensive eating disorders treatment track.  These experiences are designed to enhance the intern's development as a health service psychologist with a generalist training and with a high level of competence and versatility in the provision of mental health services. The combined-site program design provides a unique opportunity in terms of the depth as well as the breadth of the training experience. Interns will learn competencies for being Health Service Providers in psychology in both a university counseling setting and a multidisciplinary clinical setting.  They will also learn skills for working across a continuum of psychological health concerns, from personal growth issues to severe psychopathology.

Butler University Counseling and Consultation Services, Aspire Indiana, and The Charis Center are administered through the respective institutions, but the internship is administered ultimately through the Training Director. The sites communicate through the activity of the Training Committee, which is comprised of all primary supervisors of the interns and an intern representative. Although training opportunities between the three sites are unique, the philosophy of training and core experiences remain consistent throughout the internship.

At the Butler University Counseling and Consultation Services, interns spend two days per week, including one evening, participating in individual and group therapy, assessment, consultation, outreach, crisis intervention, intakes and supervision of Master's-level interns.

Similarly, interns will spend two days each week, including one evening, at an additional site, either Aspire Indiana or The Charis Center. Intern responsibilities are determined by the training committee, supervisors and agency opportunities. Experiences typically include individual and group therapy with adult outpatients, but also may include work with children, adolescents, older adults and chronically mentally ill clients.  Opportunities to conduct psychological assessments depend on client and referral needs.

One day per week will be devoted exclusively to training activities. These include weekly seminars and the intern support time, as well as case staffing and outreach coordination. Group supervision and supervision of supervision meet on alternating weeks.

Time is allotted for research relevant to population needs and completion of interns' dissertations. If an intern has completed his/her dissertation, this time is available for other research activities that either the intern initiates or are center-related.