Counseling Services


All information gathered in counseling, including the fact that a student has come to CCS, is held in strict confidence. No information is released to anyone unless:

(a) the student requests that the information be released;
(b) CCS is court ordered to release information;
(c) an immediate danger of serious harm to someone (self or others) requires that information be released to prevent the harm from happening;
(d) if there is any risk to children, the elderly, and the physically or mentally handicapped.

If a student is entering law enforcement or the military he/she should know that applications routinely ask if you have sought counseling in the past.

Your professors, parents or guardians, friends, advisors or others will not be notified that you are utilizing services at CCS (unless you ask us to do so). Counselors are prohibited from sharing any information about the identity of our clients without the client's permission. If you have a concern about a friend and call to ask if he/she is seeking counseling, you will hear, "I cannot confirm or deny whether or not your friend has or has not been seen at CCS." We would only be able to share information with you if the person in counseling gives us permission to do so.