Core Curriculum


Our Core Curriculum is divided into three parts - a relatively structured set of common Core elements and a more varied set of general Core elements in which students have a broader choice of courses within areas defined by specific learning objectives and a set of 4 additional graduation requirements to be satisfied by courses or experiences more broadly distributed throughout the curriculum. In all of our Core elements, we are committed to courses structured by learning objectives rather than disciplines. We seek to have Core courses taught by the whole University community. We espouse Butler's mission that claims our students' learning ought to proceed by creating and fostering a stimulating intellectual community built upon interactive dialogue and inquiry among faculty, staff and students.

1) To that end, students enroll in two common elements:

2) They, then, successfully complete courses in six general areas of inquiry:

3) In addition to the common and general Core elements, Butler students also complete:

In order to ensure academic quality and integrity, some Core curriculum requirements may only be satisfied by taking courses at Butler University.  Other Core curriculum requirements have provisions which allow for completion via transfer credit, AP, or other exemptions.

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