Core Curriculum

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I get into a closed GHS class?

A. Section enrollment and permission number distribution are based on class size and need, as determined by the GHS Director and Coordinator.  You may request permission into a closed section of GHS by submitting the GHS Permission Form

The GHS Coordinator makes every effort to accommodate student preference when determining permission number distribution, but students are not guaranteed a seat in their preferred section.

*If GHS cannot accommodate your preference, the coordinator will find a spot for all students awaiting a permission number in a class that 1) fits the student's schedule, and 2) observes GHS enrollment guidelines.

Q. I studied abroad - do I have to take both semesters of Global and Historical Studies?

A. Exemption for 1 semester (3 hours) after successful completion of 9 or more credit hours of coursework while studying abroad in a Butler-approved program.

Q. What if my study abroad experience does not meet the BU-approved program/9-credit hour criteria?

A. If you do not meet the automatic waiver criteria, you are free to petition for a waiver. Simply complete the GHS Waiver Request Form and submit it to the GHS office (JH 209). After review by the faculty coordinator, you will be notified of request approval/denial.

Q. I'm an international student - do I have to take both semesters of Global and Historical Studies?

A. International students automatically receive a 1-semester/3-hour waiver from Global and Historical Studies.

Q. Can I fulfill the GHS requirement by taking GHS203 and GHS209?

A. Students cannot fulfill the 6-hour requirement by taking both GHS209 "Revolutionary Europe and
Nigeria" and GHS203 "Contemporary Europe" due to an overlap in the material.

Q. I completed ID201 or ID202 already and still need another class. Which ones can I take?

A. If you completed ID201, You may take any of the classes except for GHS208, which is the same class (China and the Islamic Middle East). If you completed ID202, you may take any of the classes except for GHS209 (which is the same class, Revolutionary Europe and Colonial Nigeria) and GHS203 (Modernizing and Contemporary Europe).