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BCR symbolButler Cultural Requirement Overview

Butler University has a rich set of cultural activities in the form of artistic performances, seminars and public lectures that collectively comprise one of our most remarkable educational resources. The aim of the Butler Cultural Requirement is to engage students in these most valuable and exciting learning opportunities, and to encourage students to develop habits of participation in artistic and cultural events that will lead to lifelong engagement with the creative arts and public intellectual life. 

Beginning with students entering in fall 2010, all Butler students must attend eight or more BCR events as part of their graduation requirements. Transfer students must complete at least one BCR credit for each semester enrolled at Butler University.

View spring 2014 BCR events.

Students may access their degree audits to see how many BCR credits have been earned by logging into

How to Receive BCR Credit

At each event, students should look for the BCR student staff wearing the vest with the BCR symbol. In order to receive BCR credit for attending the event, students must have their ID card scanned by the BCR representative prior to the start of the event.  It is the student's responsibility to attend the entire event.   Each student may only scan their own ID card.  If a student has not had their ID card scanned within this time period, they will not receive credit for the event.