Office of University Events

Using VEMS on a Mobile Device

If you can access VEMS from your mobile device, then you can make simple reservations in VEMS and/or cancel one or bookings for a reservation in VEMS.

For a complete overview of this function with screenshots, check out this Using VEMS on a Mobile Device Quick Guide. You can download this manual onto your computer for easy access.

To make or cancel reservations in VEMS from your mobile phone

  1. Open an Internet browser session within your mobile device.
  2. In the browser's address field, enter the VEMS URL: Remember to add this URL to your favorites in your preferred Web browser.
  3. Log in to VEMS using your Butler username and password. This page lists My Reservations, Book an Event, and Speed Book options.
  4. View the My Reservations page in order to view events or to cancel them.
  5. Click the needed Room Request option to open its template and make reservations as needed. To move between the various pages of a template (equivalent to tabs in VEMS), click the Next and Previous buttons in the lower right corner of the template.