Office of University Events

Setting Default Values for Room Requests

The My Account menu contains options for setting some default values (Start Time, End Time, and so on) for the different types of room requests. In doing this, any time you select this room during the request process on the Reservations menu, the default values that you enter here are automatically displayed when the Room Request page opens.

For a complete overview of this function with screenshots, check out this Setting Default Values for Room Requests Quick Guide. You can download this manual onto your computer for easy access.

To set default values for room requests

  1. Under My Account, click User Options. The User Personalization page opens. The    Personalize tab is the active tab.
  2. Select the room request process, either Book an Event or Speed Book, for which you want to set the default values. The tab is refreshed with a list of options for the room request for which you can set default values.
  3. Set the default values as needed for any and all of the displayed options, and then click Save Preferences.