Office of University Events

Request Services Only

When you request services only for a location that is not managed in EMS, then the Services Only Request page opens with a When and Where pane (the left pane of the window) and three tabs-Info tab, Service Availability tab, and Details tab. Required fields are marked with a red asterisk (*).

For a complete overview of this function with screenshots, check out this Request Services Only Quick Guide. You can download this manual onto your computer for easy access.

To request services only:

  1. Under Reservations, click Request Event Services Only.
  2. In the When and Where (left) pane of the page, enter your date and time criteria.
  3. In the Setup Type Information section, enter your attendance.
  4. On the Buildings dropdown list, select either On Campus if your event is on campus or TBD if your event is off-campus. In the Location field, enter the location for which you are requesting services.
  5. Click Get Services. This will open the Details tab.
  6. Enter the information for the event.
    • You are required to provide your 5 digit service code for any needed work orders.  No charges will be submitted without your consent.
  7. Click Submit Reservation.