Office of University Events

Booking a Room with the Plan a Meeting Module

The optional Plan a Meeting (PAM) module integrates VEMS application with Microsoft Exchange.  Using PAM you can find available room and add attendees for a meeting.  Moreover, invitations are automatically sent to the attendees when you submit the reservation in VEMS.  The Room Request page is organized into various section to facilitate the reservation process - a When and Where pane (the left pane of the window) and two tabs - a Location tab and a Details tab.

You enter the information to search for available rooms and attendees in the When and Where pane and you view the results of the search on the Location tab.  You enter information for the event on the Details tab. Required fields are marked with a red asterisk (*).

For a complete overview of this function with screenshots, check out this Booking a Room with the Plan a Meeting Module Quick Guide. You can download this manual onto your computer for easy access.

To submit a request for space - booking a room:

  1. Under Reservations, click a reservation option. The Room Request page opens.
  2. In the When and Where (left) pane of the page, enter your date and time criteria.
  3. Optionally, on the Facilities dropdown list, select a building. If needed, click the Search icon to open a Buildings popup from which you can select multiple buildings.
  4. In the Setup Type Information section, enter your attendance and setup type if known.
  5. The Availability Filters sections provide options for filtering your room results by Room Type such as a conference room or a computer lab.  Under the Features menu, you can select technology components that are room specific, such as Fully Mediated Space or  Moveable Tables.
  6. Click Find Space. 
    • A list of rooms that meet the search criteria and that are available for the indicated reservation time are displayed on the List sub-tab (in a list view) and on the Grid sub-tab (in a grid view). 
    • A room that you can "reserve" is automatically booked for the event and no additional approval from CSE is required.  A room you can "request" requires approval from CSE.
  7. Optionally, click the name of the room (location) in either the list view of the grid view to open the Location Details popup, which displays details and images for the building in which the room is found, and various room details including images, setup types/capacities, and features.
  8. In the Find Attendee field, enter a search string, and then click the Search icon. All the users and distribution groups in the global address list and personal contact list with names that meet the search criteria are displayed on the Location tab.  At the top of the tab, the real-time free/busy schedules for all the attendees (including yours) are displayed.
  9. Click the Add icon next to each attendee that is to be invited to the meeting.
  10. Click Find Space. A combination of the invited attendees' free/busy schedule (as pulled directly from the attendees' Outlook calendar) and room information that meets the room search criteria is displayed.
  11. To select a room click the Add icon next to the room in either the List or Grid view. The selected location is displayed at the top of the Location tab. When you book a recurring meeting using PAM, a specific room might not be available for all the dates requested. These dates are displayed at the top of the Location tab in an "Unavailable" status.  You can find an available room for these dates after you submit your reservation.
  12. Open the Details tab.
  13. Enter the information for the event.
  14. Click Submit Reservation. 
    • The appointment is added to your personal calendar and meeting invitations are automatically sent to the meeting attendees. The appoint form contains two embedded links (one for the organizer and one for an attendee).  Your reservation can be edited in VEMS.
    • From this point forward, you must make all booking changes in VEMS. If you modify or cancel a meeting that was originally created using the PAM feature within VEMS from your Outlook calendar, the meeting will not be reflected correctly in EMS.