Office of University Events

Adding Services to a Booked Event

All the current bookings (bookings with a date greater than or equal to the current day's date) for the selected reservation are displayed on the Current tab of the Reservation Summary page. This is where you can add services to a booked event.

For a complete overview of this function with screenshots, check out this Adding Services to a Booked Event Quick Guide. You can download this manual onto your computer for easy access.

  1. Under Reservations, click View My Requests to open the Reservation Summary page.
  2. Select the reservation request for which you are editing one or more bookings. The Reservations Details tab on the Reservation Summary page displays summary information for the selected reservation and all its bookings.
  3. Click the Add icon next to the booking to which you are adding services. The Booking Details tab opens. This tab displays not only summary information for the booking (event name, event date, location, and so on), but also, the services that are available for adding to the booking (Available Services tab) and the services that have already been added to the booking (Existing Services tab).
  4. On the Available Services tab, click the link for the type of service that you are adding to the booking. The Available Services tab is refreshed with options based on the type of service that you are adding.
  5. Enter the necessary information for the services that you are adding to the booking, and then at the bottom of the page, click Save. After editing a particular category, the Available Services tab closes. You return to the Booking Details tab with the newly added services displayed under Existing Services.