College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Computer Science & Software Engineering

Student Of The Month - September 2005

Ezekial Maier


Zeke is our new student of the month - congrats Zeke! Zeke has participated in the EPICS program, he is active in our ACM Student Chapter, and he has done summer research. He has a second major in mathematics, works for IR and Instructional Media Services, and he likes to wear pink shirts and SpongeBob flip-flops. (Does he have a secret desire to become Patrick Star??)

Zeke is a very bright student and a hard worker. He thinks he'd like to go to graduate school, and I think he'll do very well there.

Keep up the good work!
- Jon Sorenson

Hey Zeke,

Congratulations on your selection as the student of the month. Very well deserved. Now I have to think of some smart-alec remark so you won't feel bad that I included a wise crack in my congrats message to other students of the month. Of course, for you, this should be easy for me. ** SMILE ** Anyway, keep up the great work and congratulations again.
- Prof. Henderson

I have found Zeke to be a very responsible, caring and mature individual. In addition to taking classes with me, Zeke is also part of my CeASER research group and helps me as a Teaching Assistant for my CS142 class. He has a genuine interest in helping people and he is eager to learn and ask questions. I fully enjoy having him in my classes, research group and as a TA. He is fun to work with.

Congratulations Zeke and don't give up the thought of one day, perhaps, becoming a university professor!!
- Panos Linos