College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Computer Science & Software Engineering

Student Of The Month - September 2004

Phiyen Nguyen


Congrats, Phiyen, on being selected as Student of the Month! Phiyen is a very diligent, hard working student. I should know, because I've had her in class many, many times. She is also active in EPICS and is the current president of our ACM student chapter. Phiyen also likes Hello Kitty (like my daughter) and basketball. I even forgive her for liking Yao Ming and the Houston Rockets over the Pacers.

She is perhaps best known, however, for throwing the pie at Prof. Henderson! Good work, Phiyen!
- Jon Sorenson

Phiyen has impressed me with her effective people's skills and her ability to work well in a team. I enjoy having her in my software engineering classes and seeing her involved with ACM.
- Panos Linos