College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Computer Science & Software Engineering

Student Of The Month - September 2000

J. Nicholas Deibel

N Deibel, Med

Nick is one of the smartest individuals I have ever encountered. (So smart, I often wonder why he is not at MIT instead of Butler). Although he works hard to achieve a great deal, he is always willing to help others in various subjects (ie. computer science, math, etc.). In addition, Nick has helped me with scheduling meetings, and participating in the ACM club. Nick's outstanding scholarship and positive attitude makes him a great candidate for student of the month! Good job Nick!!!
- Jeremy T. Lanman

Nick is an evening tutor for cs241 which I am teaching this semester. One day he walked into my cs241 lecture and all the students started bantering with him. It was clear he has a great rapport with the students and they value his help, mentoring and friendship. Thanks Nick!
- Prof. Peter Henderson

Nick has been something of a force in our department ever since he has arrived at Butler. He is famous for breaking the curve in every course he takes, and many of the students have sought his help with homework and programming projects. Nick has done a number of interesting things in the past few years; he attended the prestigious Mathematics Semester in Budapest, Hungary last year, and this past summer he worked with Anne Condon at the University of British Columbia on a research project on DNA computing. He plans to get a PhD in theoretical computer science. Congrats Nick!
- Jon Sorenson