College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Computer Science & Software Engineering

Student Of The Month - October 2002

Julie Lally


Congrats, Julie, on being selected as student of the month! Julie is a very strong student academically; she ranks in the top five among all students I've taught at Butler in my 12 years here. Last year in my compiler design class her group was the first ever to successfully accomplish several difficult extra-credit extensions to the compiler project. Julie has also emerged as a strong student leader in the department, both as the president of the student ACM chapter and as a founding team leader for our EPICS program. Outstanding work Julie!
- Jon Sorenson

Congratulations Julie on being selected student of the month. Very well deserved. Over the three years I have been at Butler, I have watched you mature both academically and professionally. You are the president, and most important "the leader" of our department's student ACM Chapter. You have taken the initiative with the EPICS project Spanish in Action, and that has paid off earning a first place finish in the undergraduate team category in ISSAC 2002. I hope you continue to challenge yourself and always strive to achieve more than you believe you are capable of.
- Prof. Henderson

I have observed Julie during the last two years in my Software Engineering classes becoming a very mature, hard working and responsible student. She has impressed me with her ability to lead one of our EPICS groups very effectively. She doesn't hesitate to take initiatives and to go the extra mile. Based on my interactions with Julie, I have found her to be a very caring individual with a pleasant personality. All the project management skills that she is developing during her involvement in the EPICS class will help her become an effective leader in her career. Great job Julie, you are a good team player!! I am proud of you and have no doubts that you will be successful.
- Prof. Panos Linos