College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Computer Science & Software Engineering

Student Of The Month - October 2000

Stephen Gituku

Gituku Med

Brought to us straight from the great country of Kenya, Stephen has been an outstanding influence to me and the Computer Science department. I have worked with Stephen many times. For example, we have been partners on many projects for many classes, and we worked together on the CSIDC 2000 project last year. We worked together at the Office of Admissions as systems analysts.

Also, Stephen has helped me create the Butler University student chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) where he is the Vice-president. He has taught me a great deal about African culture as well. I could not imagine majoring in Computer Science without working with Stephen in some aspect.

His hard work and determination makes him a great candidate for student of the month. In addition, I am proud to call him a colleague and friend. Congrats Stephen!
- Jeremy T. Lanman

Over the years, I have had several classes with Stephen and admired his consistent determination to get work done. I really saw this last spring when he helped out with the MAA Scavenger Hunt. Though the other teams had finished, the team he was escorting still wanted to finish, and Stephen was right there with them, rooting them on. He's proud of that team, and I don't think anyone can disagree with that.
- Nick Deibel

I've had Stephen in a number of courses over the last few years, and he always does a solid job and works hard. I can rely on Stephen and Jeremy to visit my office several times a couple days before an assignment is due. Stephen participated in the CSIDC 2000 competition last year, and his team put in a huge effort to get their project working on time. Keep up the good work!
- Jon Sorenson