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Student Of The Month - November 2004

Jason Mobley

Jason Mobley

Congrats, Jason, on your election as Student of the Month! Jason is a very bright, hard-working student. He is in his second semester of EPICS with the Spanish-in-Action team, and he has helped out the department as a tutor. Every time I see Jason, I think of the pile of Cryptography homework that he turned in that I still need to grade. I'll do it soon; maybe over Thanksgiving break. Your election as student of the month is well-deserved. Congrats!
- Jon Sorenson

Congratulations, Jason, for been selected SOM. It is well deserved. I am impressed with your self-motivated and hard-working attitude. Your willingness to go the extra mile and take control of your own learning will make you successful. All the best.
- Panos Linos

Congratulations Jason!!! I have spent the last two years nominating you for student of the month, and finally the students and faculty who voted for you recognized my genius and forethought. ** SMILE **

Well deserved honor Jason. You are truly an exceptional student and I wish you the best in your future academic studies and professional career.
- Peter B. Henderson