College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Computer Science & Software Engineering

Student Of The Month - November 2002

Kyle Reed

Kyle Reed

Kyle is a very pleasant person who works very hard in class. He has been active both in EPICS and in the ACM student chapter. Last weekend he participated in the ACM regional programming contest; the two teams we sent did very well, tying Butler's best performance at this event by solving a total of 3 problems. I also "hear" that Kyle is a talented singer. Congratulations, Kyle, on your well-deserved selection as student of the month!
- Jon Sorenson

So far, Kyle has impressed me with his performance in SE361 (Introduction to Software Engineering) and his ability to work well in a team. He has also demonstrated leadership qualities in the EPICS program. I can see great potential in him. With a lot of hard work, Kyle will grow to become a successful student and future professional software engineer. Keep up the good work, Kyle!
- Panos Linos

Kyle has "suffered" through three courses with me. He was even brave enough to take two courses in the Spring 2002 semester with me. Of course he probably didn't have much free time that semester. This semester I have noticed Kyle loitering in the halls and doing fun things like the computer bash. Me thinks he has too much free time now. ** JOKING **

Congratulations Kyle on being voted student of the month - an honor well deserved. Keep up the good work (and please do take another course with me sometime).
- Peter Henderson