College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Computer Science & Software Engineering

Student Of The Month - May 2003

Aubrey Annan


I've had Aubrey in several classes; he's always a pleasure to have in class. Aubrey has also been an active member of our EPICS program, and this past semester, he was team leader for the SAVI project. Aubrey was also a member of Butler's mens tennis team, which has done quite well these last few years, including appearances in the NCAA tournament. He puts up with my small talk about Andre Agassi, my favorite tennis player. Congrats, Aubrey, on your election to student of the month!
- Jon Sorenson

Aubrey has taken several Software Engineering classes with me and demonstrated the ability to work well with other people in a team. His performance was very good in my classes and he was always eager to learn new things. Most of all, Aubrey has impressed me with his leadership capabilities in our EPICS program. He led very effectively our newly formed team called SAVI for the POLIS center in Indianapolis. Great job, Aubrey! I wish you all the best.
- Panos Linos