College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Computer Science & Software Engineering

Student Of The Month - March 2001

Jared Riley

Jared Med

Jared took my CSSE 461 software engineering class during the Fall 2000. It was a pleasure having him in the class. He would be actively participating in the discussions. I was also impressed with the way he grasped new concepts and appreciated the potential of Software Engineering. He was also able to apply such concepts effectively in the class project. He worked and communicated effectively with others in a group setting. Overall, he was an asset in the class. I wish him good luck with his job hunting.
- Panos Linos

Jared Riley, a double major in Music and computer science is definitely a rare computer scientist. I find his ability to combine both an arts and science degree extremely admirable. Having worked with Jared I have come to learn a lot about his home state, Oregon and the Pacific North West. Jared is currently job hunting, and I'd like to wish him the very best.
- Stephen Gituku

I have had Jared in a number of classes. He always did very well, and I could count on him to ask good questions. Jared has been a real pleasure to have in class, and we all will miss him next year. Congrats!
- Jon Sorenson