College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Computer Science & Software Engineering

Student Of The Month - March 2000

Jeremy Lanman

Jeremy, Small

Jeremy is our first student of the month.

He looks like he's 12, but don't be fooled! Jeremy Lanman is one of the smartest and most determined people I know. As president of the Butler University ACM student chapter, he is persistent in his efforts to increase student participation in professional organizations. He is modest, almost to a fault, and is always willing to help his fellow classmates. His confidence and good sense of humor make him the ideal student of the month. Jeremy is definitely headed toward a bright and successful future.
- Rhonda Marie Houston

Jeremy and I have been classmates, we have worked together at the admissions office and have also been partners in various CS projects. Jeremy is very well organized and goal-oriented. He has also influenced me into making good use of our JH253g lab were you are sure to find him Monday through Thursday laboring well into the late hours of the night. He is definitely a model student and an example to be followed. I would also like to ask that we all provide Jeremy the necessary support in helping revive the computer science club.
- Stephen W. Gituku

Jeremy is currently a junior computer science major. He is also president of our newly-formed ACM student chapter.

I have known Jeremy since before he started at Butler. Jeremy is a hard worker and I enjoy having him in class. He is dependable and reliable, and he has done things with the computer science club where in the past not much has happened.

Congrats Jeremy!
- Jon Sorenson