College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Computer Science & Software Engineering

Student Of The Month - February 2005

Juan Carlos Bauza Ogazon

Juan Carlos

Congrats, Juan Carlos, on your election as student of the month! Juan Carlos is a bright sophomore dual-degree engineering student who also puts in time as Head Programmer for DawgNet and participates in EPICS. He also works at Information Resources in his spare time. I've not yet had him in any of my classes, but I'm his advisor and I hear about his exploits.

Keep up the good work!
- Jon Sorenson

He has contributed to the EPICS-SAVI team both as an effective leader and a productive software engineer. I am impressed with the progress he has made in the team and his eagerness to move the project forward.
- Panos Linos

Felicitación Juan Carlos (I think this means congratulations in Spanish). A very well deserved honor. You have been at Butler for less than two years and already elected student of the month. Must be that Mexican charm. Wish I had you in more courses, but understand that you are taking a wide range of courses and can't always fit mine into your schedule. Trying to think of something witty to finish this congratulatory note, but nothing comes to mind. Hope you pass your Spanish I class amigo.
- Peter B. Henderson