College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Computer Science & Software Engineering

Student Of The Month - December 2005

Ian Brown and Greg McCullough


Ian and Greg are our new students of the month - congrats to you both!

Ian is a hard-working senior CS major. He has participated in the EPICS program, and recently participated in the ACM Regional Programming Contest in Cincinnati. Ian is in the running for the pie-in-the-face contest, and he seems to like to draw pictures of apples and worms on exams.

Greg is a hard-working EDDP-CS major. He has also participated in the EPICS program, and did an independent study project for Quest Information Systems with Eric Jones involving RFID tags. (We still have that palette in the lab taking up space. When will it be gone??) Greg also did some research work in software engineering with Panos Linos over the summer.


Both of you have shown the co-SOM honor is well-deserved. Keep up the good work!
- Jon Sorenson