College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Computer Science & Software Engineering

Student Of The Month - April 2003

Glenn Gould


Glenn is a very good student who has always had a good showing in every course he's taken from me. He also serves the department as a tutor, and does a nice job there too. Glenn's quiet but competent work earned him the Kai Neilsen award. Congrats on being student of the month!
- Jon Sorenson

Well Glenn, you are not as pretty as Ann Heile (previous SOM), but Ann was tired of looking at herself every time she went to the department home page - so we had to find a suitable substitute, YOU ** SMILE **. Anyway, a well deserved honor Glenn. We had to find a way to fit you in as SOM before you graduated this year. Bet you will be telling your grandchildren about this!!!
- Pete Henderson

Glenn took one of my Software Engineering courses and did very well. I remember him as an inquisitive student who is eager to learn new things. He worked very well within a team of students. Congratulations Glenn for being voted the SOM. Well deserved!
- Panos Linos

Glenn is a very good student in my classes. Glenn took 4 of my "brain hurting" classes. He always worked hard and did very well. Glenn, congratulations on being a student of the month.
- Zhi-Hong Chen