College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Computer Science & Software Engineering

Student Of The Month - April 2000

Rhonda Marie Houston

Rhonda 3

What can I say about Rhonda Marie Houston? Well, when she is not on vacation at the Bahamas or Aruba, she is working hard towards graduating with a degree in Computer Science. I have had many classes with Rhonda. She was always very good at allowing her professor know that she was confused at something by her facial expressions. Rhonda is very intelligent (She has to be because she is the only person that can skip days to go get her hair done. :) ) and interesting individual. When one first meets Rhonda, they are engulfed by her humor, positive attitude, and energetic personality. She is always willing to volunteer a great deal of her time to others, and still work hard to accomplish her goals. Rhonda will graduate in May. She will, most definitely, be very successful in her endeavors.

Congratulations Rhonda, and good luck!
- Jeremy T. Lanman

Rhonda (or, as Chen would say, Rrrrrhonda) is currently a senior computer science major. I have had her in class many, many times, and it has always been a pleasure. Rhonda is always willing to ask questions and lets me know right away if I've done something confusing.

Rhonda has excellent communication skills and she has used those skills on behalf of the department (and the university) by talking to potential students on many occasions. Rhonda knows everyone and everyone knows (and likes) Rhonda.

Congrats Rhonda!
- Jon Sorenson