College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Computer Science & Software Engineering

Department Tutors

Our department provides tutors Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday evenings in Fairbanks 148. The tutors are normally willing to help with the following courses: CS142, CS151, CS248, AR220-CS (Robots) and SE267. You can work in the lab during tutoring hours even if you don't need a tutor.

Spring 2014 Tutoring Schedule

Jan. 21 to Apr. 25, 2014

NOTE: There will not be any tutoring the week of Spring break.

Name Day Time Courses
Shaun Mbateng Monday 7:00-9:00 pm CS142, CS248
David Harting Tuesday 7:00-9:00 pm CS142, CS248
Shaun Mbateng Wednesday 7:00-9:00 pm CS142, CS248

Guidelines for Students

So that the computer science tutors can make the most effective use of their time assisting you, please observe the following guidelines:

  1. Please be prepared before asking for help. Here are some ideas for what to do:
    • Write down a list of questions.
    • Highlight sections in the book, on the assignments, or on class handouts.
    • Develop pseudocode for your algorithms.
    • Prepare partial program code.
  2. Bring your own books, assignments, notes, etc. The tutors will not always have them available.
  3. Please don't monopolize a tutor. They have many others to serve.
  4. Tutors will only be available during posted times. If you need additional help, see your instructor or arrange for a private tutor. You can ask Amy ( to request a private tutor.
  5. If several of you are working on the same problems, please try to sit near one another so the tutor can address the whole group, and avoid repeating themselves.
  6. Please be courteous to the tutors and others in the laboratory.
  7. Please feel free to share your thoughts, both positive and negative, about the tutoring process with Amy or the department faculty. We take your input seriously.
  8. See the rules and guidelines for the FB148 computer lab.