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Department Computer Labs & Policies

Our department has two dedicated computer laboratories in FB148 and FB152. To insure that computer science students have needed laboratory access, please follow the following rules and guidelines.

Computer Science Lab (FB148) Rules and Guidelines

  1. This lab is for computer science students only. This includes students who are majoring or minoring in computer science and software engineering or who are currently enrolled in any CS/SE course.
  2. All computer science students may get the security code for the lab door from Amy (aaldridg, FB144). The code for the lab will be changed each year.
  3. You may eat and drink (no alcohol) in the lab so long as you clean up after yourself.
  4. When you use the lab in the evenings or on weekends, keep the door shut. Otherwise, non-CS students will wander in and use the machines. (Get in the habit of doing this early in the semester so that non-CS students won't flood the lab late in the semester.)
  5. If you are the last one to leave, please shut the door and turn out all the lights. If you leave late at night, don't hesitate to call Butler Police (9396) for an escort.
  6. During the day, the lab is often used for teaching classes. You can use the lab during class if the instructor gives permission to do so. If you do use the lab during a class, please use common courtesy (don't make noise, don't get up and wander around, etc.).
  7. Department tutors will use the lab MTW evenings. When a tutor is on duty, he/she is in charge of the lab.

Ceaser Lab (FB152) Rules and Guidelines

  1. This lab is controlled by Dr. Linos. He has final say over who may or may not use the lab, and who is allowed to know the security code for the lab.
  2. Students who are currently working on software engineering projects and certain EPICS projects may use the lab.
  3. You may use the fridge and microwave. We strongly suggest that you clearly label anything you leave in the fridge with your name.
  4. The ACM Student Chapter has bottles of cans in the fridge for sale for 50¢. Please do not take a soda without paying.
  5. When using the 152 lab in the evenings, remember to keep the door shut for your own safety.

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