College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Computer Science & Software Engineering

Computing Facilities

Fairbanks Labs

Our department is housed on the west wing of the first floor of the new Fairbanks Center for Communication and Technology. We have two computer labs in our departmental area:

Instructional Lab (FB148)
This lab has 16 new Dell Pentium IV PCs running Windows 2000 and 4 new Sun UltraSparc workstations running Solaris. This lab is used as a classroom for most of our upper division courses.


Students majoring in our department are able to swipe their student ID to give them 24-7 access to the lab whenever the building is open. We keep a small fridge and microwave in the lab for late night snacks.

Research Lab (CeASER, FB152)
This lab has 8 new Dell Pentium IV PCs running Windows 2000 and one SUN UltraSparc workstation running Solaris. This lab is for use by students working on research projects in software engineering.

We also use two computer labs in Jordan Hall for teaching our 100- and 200-level courses: a PC lab of 25 machines in Jordan Hall 037, and a MacIntosh lab of 20 machines in Jordan Hall 041. These two labs are shared with other departments on campus.

Thomas the Tank Engine

Most computers on campus are networked with thomas and other servers, located in the Information Technology Department on the third floor of Holcomb. Thomas is a 4-processor Sun server running Solaris. All Butler students are given accounts on thomas; thomas is used for web pages and for most of our coursework.

Dorm Access

All dorm rooms on campus have network connections, giving them the same level of access as the various labs. If you bring your own computer, make sure it has an ethernet card so you can plug in to the network.

There are also open network connections in Fairbanks for your laptop.