College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Computer Science & Software Engineering

First Monday Luncheon

2008-2009 Calendar

Date Guest Affiliation
September 8th Justin Robinson (Butler CS/Media Arts alum 2006) .NET Programmer, Unity Physician Group
October 6th Jason Mobley (Butler CS/Math alum 2005) Software Engineer, Interactive Intelligence
November 3rd Natalie Mego (Butler CS/Math alum 2008) I/S Analyst, Liberty Mutual Group
December 1st Tim DeBow (Butler CS alum 2007) IT Field Project Manager, HH Gregg
February 2nd Rick Radcliff (Butler Finance alum 1990) and Scott Hedrick VP, eTapestry
IT/Programming Head, eTapestry
February 16th Jared Bhatti (Butler alum) Google
March 2nd Lachin Urazov (Butler CS alum 2008) Software Engineer,
Interactive Intelligence
April 13th Department Advisory Board
- Tracy Barnes
- Chris Hoffman
- Jason Mobley
- Ryan Rybarczyk

ENTAP, inc
Interactive Intelligence
Sallie Mae